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Robot basket

We help retailers reduce queues and increase grocery stores revenue.

Watch the video with the robot basket

The system works with the current infrastructure

Unlike our competitors, you do not have to mount a large number of cameras on the ceiling or change the location of the shelves in the store, the system works with the current infrastructure and is deployed for 1 night, so your stores will work as usual.

You can adjust the bottleneck payment

The number of robots in the store is unlimited, so you can independently adjust the capacity of the store, which in turn affects the revenue of the store.

Your customers will return more often

The technology aims to complement the classic in-store sales system, and help the customer pay for purchases more quickly without waiting in a queue, so customers will stop complaining about the queues and will more often return to your stores.

How the system works for your customers

1. Take the robot basket

A client logs in to the system using an entry stand or a smartphone and picks up a robot cart.

2. The basket recognizes.

The buyer puts the goods in the basket, and the basket recognizes each product and forms a shopping list for payment.

3. Checkout and exit

The customer pays for purchases through a smartphone or at the payment counter and exit through the turnstile, without waiting in line.

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Do you have any suggestions? Send them to us!

Do you have any suggestions? Send them to us!