Paycon is a team of professionals that looks at the world in a new way and helps darkstores grow faster without wasting resources on the IT. In 2019 we started our journey to accelerate the Q-commerce movement. Our team consists of senior level software developers, electrical engineers and business catalysts. Through constant RnD development and persistance we are now accelerating over $1.2m of orders per day. We strive to provide the most durable fulfillment systems for dark stores, MFC’s and retailers. We believe our partners success is a direct representation of our success.

We value our partners

Unlike other fulfillment solutions, we don’t just deliver a product. We provide a full-service solution designed for the enterprise level of business.

Fully Covered

The Paycon Success Program covers every component we install for 2 years. 24/7 full-coverage support including on-site service.

Custom to your Business

Every installation is expertly engineered specifically for your business. Software can be tailored to provide metrics on specific data you need.